My discounted fee in helping you as a For Sale By owner is a real ASSET !. You get your buyer, I come in and write up the contract looking out and protecting your interest. After the contract is in place I take it from there.


Take to the title company, arrange all details of the sale. Help on buyers financing options, help if they want an inspection, meet with that inspector, keep you informed of the sale right up to closing date and time. This is what agents do but for their 6% commission. I will do at a DISCOUNT fee.


Why pay for something you don't need? If you show and find the buyer for your home, you just need me as an experienced 25-year broker to write up the offer and get the closing to take place. Saves you all the hassle of getting it to the closing table and at a DISCOUNTED fee. I got you covered.


 I can also put your home photo on my web site and attach your info so prospects can contact you. This can bring buyers to you, that you may not have had. 


I can answer all your unanswered questions that you may have always wanted to know in the real estate market . I can show you how to protect yourself in dealing with real estate agents, show you what and how to answer other agents, why you don't have to give listings, there's a possible better way. How to go from a Contract for Deed to a REFINANCE NOT a New Loan.

I can write up your contract for you when you as a For Sale By Owner gets a buyer. There is many steps that I can handle for you and take you successfully to a great closing all in saving you a 6% commission. $$$$$



 When you have a 25 year experienced Real estate broker that can come to your aid on many of your real estate needs, why would you not want to use Sarah Tyler Realty LLC and save that dreaded 6% commission. I also can help you in getting your home staged and ready for the market and have it at it's greatest potential. I have all the knowledge that your 6% commission real estate agents have plus really more knowledge in some areas they have never been exposed to : Such as writing Contract for Deeds, and consultant work. I will save you money and w/ service.

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